Bria's Closet

Bria's Closet

Hi! Bria here. I'm slightly obsessed with fashion and I'm a Topshopaholic. Feel free to request anyting! Hope you enjoy. xx
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Anonymous asked: OMFG you and that anon are probs right! She has to work in YSL bc I mean yeh she's rich but like it's so irresponsible to spend that much on clothes and it doesn't seem like Lou would buy all that stuff and she's only seen wearing items for a few times and then never again so it's probs promo I bet

Definitely a possibility! It would make sense considering she seems to love fashion and because she is well known, it’s a great way for YSL to promote new pieces without actually promoting them.

eleanorjfashion asked: i really think el works in Saint Laurent, most of her things are from there since she graduated, dont you think?


wwwooooah maybe?!! i didn’t even think of that! xxx

I’ve come to the conclusion El has some type of gig with YSL. Girl has money, but not enough to be constantly purchasing YSL’s newest items! Also, don’t employees get massive discounts?