Bria's Closet

Bria's Closet

Hi! Bria here. I'm slightly obsessed with fashion and I'm a Topshopaholic. Feel free to request anyting! Hope you enjoy. xx
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Anonymous asked: do u know if her shoes are true to size

I don’t! I haven’t seen them in person or tried them on, so I would maybe try to look up reviews if I were you. xx

Anonymous asked: Where are her shoes sold?

Debenhams, but I’m not sure where else. xx

Anonymous asked: I follow ieleanorcalderstyle and she posted similar shoes but I wasn't too sure those are the ones so I'm glad you were able to find them.

I saw those, too!! I was a bit skeptical as well and so I started narrowing it down by brand rather than colour and I stumbled across these on Debenhams. They’re either incredibly similar (like, unrealistically so) or they’re her exact ones and I’m going with exact. xx

Anonymous asked: YOU FOUND THEM YAY BLESS YOU!! My sister has a wedding and I'm helping with bridesmaids shoes and dresses (I wanted El's) thank you

I did, yay!!!! :) I hope everything goes well and please do wish your sister and her partner a happy wedding from me! xx

Anonymous asked: Girl I've been waiting for you to come on so we can talk about El's attire and the whole thing and did you spot Lottie in the pics? She looks stunning!!

Lol I’m here I’m here!! I saw some of the pictures and they were all gorgeous! 😍 I did spot Lottie in one of the pictures and yes, (to those asking) I’ll try and find where her shoes are from. xx

Never thought el would wear shoes like those, but she looked beautiful!

Never thought el would wear shoes like those, but she looked beautiful!