Bria's Closet

Bria's Closet

Hi! Bria here. I'm slightly obsessed with fashion and I'm a Topshopaholic. Feel free to request anyting! Hope you enjoy. xx
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omg i forgot to post this but once i was with ppl and this girl was like “your outfits are so cute, have you thought about starting a fashion blog”

and on the outside i was like

but on the inside i was like

alright, I think it’s high time I buy the Effie…. or the Bayswater… which one? help me choose please!!


*Buys things I saw on Kourtney Kardashian* *silence*
*Buys things I saw Leighton Meester* * *silence*
*Buys things I saw on Eleanor Calder* “omg you literally copy eleanor SO much like seriously”


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Vogue, roses and pastels… by briarachele featuring a king size beddingTopshop leather shoes, $88 / Mulberry black purse, $935 / Viktor Rolf beauty product / Yves Saint Laurent nail polish / Yves Saint Laurent nail polish, $31 / Topshop nail polish, $8.49 / Diptyque scented candle / Cath Kidston king size bedding, $83 / Book shelve / LSA International teapot, $87 / Kate Spade candles candleholder, $76 / Newgate Clocks clock, $60 / Tiffany Co drinkware / Spineless Classics word wall art, $59 / Framed wall art / NEOM wood candle, $14 / Cath Kidston White Freston Rose Print Pencil Tube, $8.49 / It’ by Alexa Chung Book